Listen to the stories of West Point residents about their expereicnces during the fight for civil rights for all citizens during the 1950s and 60s. Click here to find those and other stories from West Point. Click here to view Dudley Olsson's presentation on this project.

Executive Director Holly Horton describes the Historical Society's plans to acquire a museum building.

  Welcome to the web site of the Historical Society of West Point, Virginia. Our goal is to make these pages into a rich repository of information about the history of this small community at the confluence of the Pamunkey and Mattaponi Rivers into the York River. (map) Much of this information will consist of memories and personal histories of those who have made up this community, together with pictures of their homes, churches and businesses, and of documents and objects which tell about their lives. Your collaboration and assistance are crucial to the building of this repository. If you have items (pictures, documents, objects to photograph, etc.) that can contribute to the telling of the story of West Point, please contact any of our board members, whose names can be found on our "Contacts" page, or send an email to

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